Few businesses in the world are ever fortunate enough to celebrate a 40-year anniversary since going into business. Well, that’s a different story for Cool-Fun, an RV cooling unit repair, design, and re-manufacturing company that has managed to weather the test of time from the 70s until today.

Previously spotlighted for their hard work and dedication back in 1985, the team had the article re-issued this week to mark their 40th year in business. From 1978 until 2018, it’s safe to say, the Cool Fun RV crew is ready for what 2019 has in store.

Today, Cool Fun RV is known for what they’ve always done best: provide quality, reconditioned cooling units to RV service centers in Riverside, California and beyond. Cool Fun distributes their products to over 2,400 service centers in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico today, including major RV hotspots especially as the world of mobile business and working-from-home continues to pick up.

Commitment Through the Ages

Today the original team, collectively brings over 70 years of experience to the forefront of absorption type refrigerators and refrigeration units common in RV vehicles. The team believes that due to their unwavering commitment and passion for what they do, as well as their longevity, it’s that kind of dedication that has contributed to 40 fruitful years in business.

During the mid-70s, the team became aware of the gap that existed in the RV market as more people considered this kind of transportation for vacation. With little to no reliable sources that specialized in cooling for RVs, as well as a lack of parts altogether, owner Joel Rico obtained approximately 100 defective cooling units from a local dealer and slowly began to grasp the market.

Cool-Fun RVs thoroughly tests all cooling units today before packaging and shipping. Distributing products to more than 2,400 service centers around the world, with about 8,000 units rebuilt each year through the team’s expertise,

Cool Fun RV now provides a two-year limited warranty on the units. The team even announced they are planning on a third year of coverage in the near future as they are constantly working to better their operation at hand.

Four decades later and the rest in history. In order to mark the achievement, the team reissued a newspaper article from 1985 predicting their future success and longevity. With plenty in store for 2019, the team is constantly working to improve their service offerings while revolutionizing an industry that has been near and dear to their hearts all this time. Today, Rico’s son, Chris is slowly taking over the family business with no slowing in sight.

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