Cool-Fun RV Cooling Units 2 Year Warranty

Welcome to another edition of our blog post at COOL-FUN, RV Cooling Units, and learn about our two-year warranty.

cool fun rv warrantyWe are industry experts and specialize in Re-manufactured Cooling Units for Norcold and Dometic RV Refrigerators. All our Units include a free two-year warranty and a five-year warranty against leaks in the evaporator.

At Cool-Fun, RV Cooling Units, we sell and repair re-manufactured Cooling Units for Dometic and Norcold RV refrigerators. We can give you the best advice on what is best for you.

Along with the RV Industry in general, the cooling unit business is continuously changing, and just the way technology is changing. More than ever in the history of RV, business consumers are replacing their cooling units in their RV refrigerator with re-manufactured cooling units rather than going for a new refrigerator.

The advantages of purchasing a re-manufactured cooling unit to getting a new refrigerator can’t be over-stressed.

Some people think that RV refrigerators cannot be repaired. The truth is that RV refrigerators can be restored. But in reality, RV Service centers can make more profit selling to their customers new cooling units rather than a re-manufactured Cooling Unit.

That has been rebuilt with thicker tubing and rebuilt to last and, at the same time, save their customers a lot of money. Also, over the years have emerged a few RV cooling unit companies that lack the proper training. This has contributed to the misleading myth that new is better than re-manufactured.

Cool-Fun has been re-manufacturing RV Cooling units from the beginning, true Pioneers. We employ you to browse through our website and see that Cool-Fun, is setting new standards in rebuilding and Re-manufacturing RV cooling units.

We are glad to inform you that Cool-Fun is one of the names in the industry that has made a big difference in the Re-manufacturing of RV cooling units. We have taken time, effort and have put a lot of expertise to design and test RV cooling units, and it has been well worth it.

We are proud to give a standard two-year warranty on all Re-manufactured cooling units. The best is the very flexible shipping policy that enables us to ship RV cooling units nationwide and to many parts of the world. You will never be out of our reach if you are a dealer or do-it-yourself.

We’ll be glad if you contact us today, have any questions about re-manufactured cooling units or RV refrigerators in general, then let us know, and we’ll be pleased to answer all your questions.

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