Warranty Activation Instructions

This warranty activation form is required to be completed for your warranty to be valid

To active your warranty, this form must be completed and returned to Cool-Fun llc within 14 days after installation.

The Warranty Activation Form acknowledges that the Cooling Unit has been installed correctly per the manufacturer’s instructions. Warranty conditions shall be void unless this form is completed and signed by the customer and the authorized installer and returned or emailed  to Cool-Fun,llc  within 14 days of installation.

The COOL-FUN Model number and Serial number needed for the form below, can be found in the following places:

COOL-FUN replacement unit
Warranty Activation paperwork
Core Return tag

Please see the photos below for more information on where to find the Cool-Fun serial numbers.

Note: You will receive by return email a prepaid core return shipping label. Allow approximately 2 working days for receipt of the shipping label by return email.

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