Troubleshoot Your RV Cooling Unit Step By Step

Here are some steps to troubleshoot your RV Cooling Unit:

  • Make sure your refrigerator is level before operating.
  • Is your 12-volt battery fully charged?
  • Have you tried the refrigerator on gas and electric?
  • Have you installed the gas flue baffle from the old cooling unit into the replacement?
  • Are the cooling unit absorber coils getting warm? (check the outside access door)
  • Is the vent top obstructed?
  • Are the door gaskets good?
  • Did you apply thermal mastic on exposed tubing before installation?
  • Are the freezer and refrigerator screws that secure the cooling unit tight?
  • Is the electric heating element in the heater sleeve? If so make sure its inserted to the bottom of the heater pocket?
  • Is the heating element good? Have you checked it?
  • Have you hot-wired the heating element to hook the cooling unit up directly, bypassing the controls?

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