Getting toward our topic Great Tips To Make Your RV Air Conditioner More Efficient the background to write this post is when we approach summer days, we often find ourselves taking part in recreational activities in extreme temperatures and humidity conditions and wonder how we can efficiently use our RV’s.

Great Tips To Make Your RV Air Conditioner More EfficientWe can maintain a comfortable temperature in our home by simply adjusting the thermostat and do not worry about it. Each time we enter the house, the temperature stays as the same.

Most RV owners wants their RV roof air conditioner to function in such manner and become disappointed when they get into an uncomfortable rig!

To maximize the efficiency of your roof air conditioner and make it easier to manage, you need to understand how the system functions, its limitations, and how your overall comfort is been affected by the surrounding factors.

How the system works

The compressor helps to “compress” the coolant into the steam, then the condenser then helps to remove the heat and condenses into the liquid. Passing the evaporator coil, the heat is extracted from the return air to expand and evaporate. Removing the heat from the air gives the cold air to the RV.

Another factor responsible for bad cooling in the absorption system is when there are dirt in the air filter or even dust and pollutants in the return of cold air. The cold air filter should be cleaned every two months.

If you have a ceiling air conditioning system, the return of cool air is usually behind the ventilation ceiling grille and the channels are built into the ceiling.

To manage the ceiling air conditioner with better cooling functionality, here are some helpful tips you might need:

1. Make sure the filters are clean and unobtrusive. Clean the air condition filter in a warm water with a mild detergent and rinse well then let it dry overnight. You can as well make use of air compressor to blow it off.

2. Make sure that the return air in the air conditioner is not obstructed by dirt or other contaminants.

3. Check the condenser coil in the AC unit to make sure that the coils are not clogged or compressed and that the fan blows to the outside hot air from the inside.

4. Ensure that you have at least 115 V AC per device. The low voltage in the camp source will still allow the device to function, but not at maximum capacity.

5. Park in the shade. Exiting from the sun can mean a temperature change of more than 20 degrees when it is hot. The ceiling air conditioner can only cool the internal temperature by about 20 degrees. If the air conditioner is 100 degrees inside the unit, you can only cool it to 80 degrees if everything works perfectly.

6. Limit the use of heat-generating appliances such as cookers, toasters, ovens and even microwaves that will blow hot air into the coach.

7. By adding fans inside the rig helps to circulate air, and also helps to get rid of “pockets” that the air stabilizes and warms up.

8. Install LEDs because they do not stand only about 10 times less energy, but work about 10 times colder.

9. Use a garden tent and window cover to provide shade and a cooler inside.
10. Place the MaxxAir roof vent cover and bring cooler air when the temperatures are good and allow the hot air to come out when it is hot.

Now you have a knowledge of the cooling system, we hope you can make use of these helpful tips to make you feel comfortable.

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